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Canadian Maritime Supply & Services (CMSS)


CMSS is a proud supporter of Canadian and International maritime industries.  

CMSS offers a full complement of training, equipment and accessories tailored for a broad range of marine applications. Utilized by Canadian and International maritime professionals CMSS products are proven to withstand the rigours of continuous commercial duty in the marine environment.

CMSS consulting services include large-scale maritime project development and implementation, equipment innovation, fabrication and supply.


CMSS company-owned vessels offer safe, dependable performance in support of large-scale maritime industrial projects, sustainable small-scale commercial fisheries, environmental monitoring, surveying, crew and freight transportation.  

To learn more about how CMSS services, vessels, equipment and experience can benefit your project please fill out the Contact form below.

CMSC Products & Services

CMSS Products & Services


Marine Chandlery

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Contract Vessels

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Commercial Diving

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Aquaculture Supply

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Commercial Fishing


ROV Survey

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Vessel Salvage 

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Marine Training

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Project Consulting

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